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Majdanpek received the electricity

After four days, Majdanpek got electricity last night. As announced from the Elektromreža Srbije, electrician teams are still at the site, and they will stay there until the power system will work properly and fully normalized, because there are still some places without electricity.

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Elnos Group electricians help Majdanpek

Residents of Majdanpek are fourth day without electricity, over 200 electricians on the site trying to eliminate the defect, which occurred due to stormy wind and freezing rain. Among them there are twenty capable electricians from Elnos Group, which are already two days at site.

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Built a new transmission line 35 kV Kneževo - Kotor Varoš


Elnos BL recently successfully completed the work as a subcontractor on a project to build 35 kV transmission line RTS Kneževo - 110 / x kV Kotor Varoš, a project was implemented to investors ELEKTROKRAJINA ad Banja Luka and EHE doo Banja Luka. Kneževo will be provided reliable electricity supply.

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Successful promotional appearance of Elnos BL Belgrade at the Energy Fair

Our company Elnos BL Belgrade continues its tradition, and this year was part of the International Energy Fair, which was held for the tenth time in Belgrade. The fair lasted from the 13th to the 16th of October, in parallel with the Fair of Environmental Protection...

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